3-Way Split Aircon Installation

For many on-road and off-road caravans that do not have much additional packing space, we can offer you one of our 3-way split installations solutions.

What is a 3-way split installation?


A 3-way split caravan installation allows us to install the air conditioning compressor inside the front caravan hatch or on the side hatches of your caravan and/or motorhomes, meaning that you can still utilise the nose cone space for your packing needs or spare wheel requirements.

The air-conditioning fan unit is then mounted under the caravan or motorhome in the shade, for optimal use and performance. Some caravan models may also permit the fan unit to be mounted on either the read or side of the caravan. However, we recommend that clients get in touch with us – because each caravan is unique.

The physical air-conditioning unit is then placed inside the caravan or motorhome, to keep you and your family cool during those extreme heat temperatures experienced in the Kalahari and throughout Southern Africa. Some resorts may even reach temperatures up to 55 degrees. If you are bold enough to visit Dinokeng in the peak of summer.

For a quote on any installation or recommendations of installations – weather it be caravan, motorhome or housing units, please get in touch with us.

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Gallery images of the 3-way split aircon installation.