Purple Auto Stabilizing System

This system is designed to level and stabilize your caravan with the press of a button. The system consists of four electric motors controlled by an auto levelling module. This module has a gyroscope on board to measure the levels of the caravan. In the kit you will also get a Kojack wheel leveller.

1 Year Warranty

This leveller will help you level the caravan between left and right. This way you will not put unnecessary pressure on your caravan chassis and corner steadies by levelling the caravan between left and right. There are led light mounted inside the wheel arches to tell you what side of the caravan is lower than the other side. Once the caravan id levelled between left and right you can simply press the Auto Level button on the wireless remote and the system will level and stabilize your caravan with the corner steadies. If it is time to go home, your simple hold the retract button in for 3 seconds and all four corner steadies will retract at the same time.

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