Purple Rear-View Camera

The system comes with two rear view cameras (120º degree & 90º degree) and a 5 inch LCD display incorporated into a rear view mirror that will just clip over existing mirror in your vehicle.

A complete wiring harness makes it easy to install and no cutting of any wires is needed.

1 Year Warranty

As soon as the system is installed you will have the following functions:
When you are not towing your caravan and you put your vehicle in reverse gear, the LCD screen on the rearview mirror will come on automatically and display the camera behind the vehicle. As soon as you take the vehicle out of reverse the LCD screen will switch off. With your caravan hooked up and the 4 pin connector between the vehicle and the caravan connected, you can press the power button on the rear view mirror. The LCD panel will switch on and display the camera behind the caravan. This will stay on until you switch it off by pressing the power button again.

While the system is on, you can switch between the camera behind the caravan and the camera behind the vehicle by pressing the AV button on the rearview mirror


Gallery images of Purple Rear-View Camera installations.